Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Should I blog?

I look at these women who Blog. Not just women but women who have kids, cook amazing meals, take pictures of these amazing meals, homeschool their kids, etc. I don't know how they do it. This maybe my only Blog post this year. I have 4 kids and they are enough to keep up with not to mention my husband and my own personal desires.

Daily I've been wondering how does one do it? If you are religious how do you have a personal relationship with God? If you are a parent, how do you meal plan and get your kids to eat healthy? How does one be a good, patient parent? If you are overweight or just out of shape, how do you find time to work out? Some days (okay really most days lately) I don't do much with any of this. I am a mom, so I parent, I have to do that but the rest goes out the window. The only schedule I have to follow is taking my eldest to school and picking him up and taking my second to speech twice a week. Other than that our days are free! How lucky am I? I have no boss to report to and can pretty much do what I want.

Starting yesterday I determined doing whatever I want isn't making me a healthy, happy individual and that things need to change. I think change is the hardest thing to do, we easily become stuck in ruts. Some of us are in better ruts than others but when you decide to get out of your rut it isn't easy.

My youngest is 2 months old and I've decided even though some nights are sleepless it's time to move on past the I have a newborn, I can't....(fill in the blank). Because really I can. My husband gets 6 or 7 hours of sleep per night and he still drags himself out of bed at 5 am, drives 1 hour 40 minutes to work, works at least 9 hours and then drives home. He does this every day and even though he doesn't have 4 little people depending on him all day/all night every day/every night it's taxing on him. So while I could just hold down the couch and whine that I'm tired and that my children gave me a headache, maybe if I was up doing something they wouldn't be whining on top of my whining and we'd enjoy life more.

So my plan is (unless the weather isn't conducive) at least walk my eldest to or from school once a day. If I can, do both, walk for both pick-up and drop-off. Secondly, read up on eating, child-rearing and God stuff. :) That means I have 4 books going right now, Don't Waste Your Life by John Piper (God Stuff), How to Talk so Your Kids Will Listen and Listen So Your Kids will Talk and Raising Cain (child rearing stuff) and finally Crazy Sexy Diet along with various blogs (health stuff).

The second part of my plan is implementation. Eating well (starting yesterday), exercise (the walking), being more patient with my kids and husband (child-rearing plus marriage work) and reading the Bible at least to my kids at dinner and trying to also find time to read it for myself (spirituality). Writing all this down means I'll have more success right? I'm hoping if I can through 21 days that this will have become habit and I'll have a happier body, spirit and a happier husband and kids.


  1. I'm a "bad" blogger too. I have no idea how those mom's do it either. SOMETHING has to give though, and I try to lead a balanced life, so depending on what's going on, blogging is always the first to go when something has to give. I'm inspired by this post though, and I hope you can update every know and again. :)

  2. yea for you!!! you inspire me!! :)