Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Day After Hump Day

Dinner last night was tacos and not exciting enough to blog about. I went grocery shopping Saturday and decided to implement the being better about eating on Monday. Really in themselves tacos don't have to be unhealthy and we'll still eat them. But last night's just weren't exciting.

It's funny how as soon as I became active (more active) the change I felt. I've walked at least 1 1/2 miles every day this week and am all ready feeling positive effects. I feel better about myself and have more energy. I have an over all exhaustion that won't go a way until kids are sleeping through the night but as far as my outlook and brain activity they are all ready better. It's only taken walking 40 minutes every day and eating more veggies and less carbs/sugar! :) I had thought that carrying around a toddler and baby was exercise and I'm sure my arms are stronger and building muscle but it isn't enough.

I just hope that this can become a permanent life style for me. There's no reason unless it's 100 out or pouring that I can't walk my kid(s) to school. It saves on wear and tearmy car and provides so many benefits to myself and my kids. The Vitamin D alone is awesome!

Also for all of you out there contemplating a better eating life so you can be healthier and/or lose weight, I really think you have to implement some sort of exercise into your routine too. I've been so less tempted by sugar with the exercising. I think I gravitate towards sugar for a high of energy but I'm getting that by my walking and by eating better. I know in the past when I've said okay time to eat better! The day I start I decide I really need chocolate chip cookies, I bake a batch and eat way too many of them that same day! It could be my attitude too but I think eating well and exercising really go hand in hand. You can't have all the benefits unless you're doing both!

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