Friday, March 4, 2011

My Very Own Recipe Book

Isn't the internet amazing? I can pull up a search engine, type in a recipe I am thinking of making and after I click search I have dozens to choose from! I love it! I found though that sometimes I'd create my shopping list, put a recipe down on my menu for the week and then later I wouldn't be able to find the recipe. So I went to Target, bought a 3 ring binder with 5 inserts and started my own recipe book.

I have 5 categories in my recipe book: breads, breakfast, desserts, main course and sides. In the sides portion I also include sauces. It's been great! I have so many recipes all ready in each category and we've tried the majority of them. There are a few that have become common meals in our household.

I just think it's easy to go eat out. It's easy to say oohhh I want orange chicken or sour cream enchiladas so I'm going to head down to my favorite Chinese, Mexican or whatever restaurant. The problem with eating out is the portions are huge and it costs more than eating at home. The internet has brought so many amazing recipes that are as good tasting if not better than what we can get in any restaurant.

I've been encouraged on how many recipes we've found online that taste awesome that we can make at home. Not all of it is easy to make here at home. When we decide we want orange chicken we know it's going to be an hour event just to make it! But we're able to decide do we want it breaded and fried in oil tonight? Or do we want it not breaded and quickly seared in olive oil? I love knowing every single ingredient that we put in our food and into our mouths. It gives me a lot of power instead of obliviously eating something filled with tons of fat and sugar.

If you like to cook or have a husband who likes to cook I recommend creating your own recipe book. It's fun and when you find recipes you love, they are right at your fingertips to make again.

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