Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yummy Sausage and Broccoli Alfredo

I didn't take a picture but a couple of Fridays ago we made this incredibly yummy (not healthy) Alfredo dish and I wanted to share.

My husband LOVES sausage so I try to buy it every once in awhile to tie into some sort of meal. Our local Henry's had chicken sausage on sale so I bought a Parmesan chicken sausage and figured I'd make an Alfredo with it. When I spoke to my hubby on the phone about it he said he didn't want traditional fettuccine noodles to go with it so when I went to buy noodles I found fusillioni (which are fusilli but fatter).

You need three different pans/pots to create this dish. First cook the pasta according to directions, second cut up and cook the sausage in a separate pan and third you need to make the Alfredo sauce in small/medium sized saucepan.

Alfredo Sauce:

1/4 cup butter
1 cup heavy cream
minced garlic (we like garlic so I use more but if you don't like garlic as much use equivalent to one clove)
1 1/2 cups cheese (we used Fontina but to make a less fattening version Parmesan works)

Melt butter in sauce pan and the combine with heavy cream, when sauce thickens add garlic, cheese and season with pepper and salt to your liking.

For the remaining dish you need:

2 Italian Sausages
1 or 2 bunches broccoli
1 cup spinach

Cook sausage and then add the vegetables to soften some. Once that is cooked through and the vegetables are a texture to your liking mix in the Alfredo sauce and noodles. It's so amazingly fabulous and fattening...so only have it some times when you're really craving Alfredo! :)

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