Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Did you ever listen to the song, "Wouldn't it Be Nice?" by the Beach Boys? I loved this song when I was a teenager. I remember listening to it thinking when will this get here? When will I be married? Who I will be married to? Will I have kids? When can I be past this teenage stage?????

Then a few months ago, I heard this song on a show and thought WOW!! I'm there! I'm where this song talks about. I'm married, I have kids and I'm an adult. It snuck up on me and I didn't even realize I was there. It's funny how fast life goes. I know I'm only 31 and looking back whereas our parents are in their 50s and looking back, and as I posted before my grandmother is 80 and looking back. Childhood is here and gone in a blink even though while we're in the midst of it, it feels like forever. Then I'm sure our grandparents think middle age was here and gone in a blink of an eye. It makes me want to hold on tight to my kids because before I know it I'll be 50 and they'll be in there Wouldn't it Be Nice stage of life. Where does the time go?

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  1. I have some of the same thoughts- I remember looking forward to turning 10 and 13, then 16 and 18, like yesterday. I also remember when James was a newborn thinking that he would always be that way! But now I have a 3 year old and have been married for over 7 years. This is the real thing! Just treasure each stage, that's life!